Booking a Hotel abroad from India

  Booking a Hotel abroad from India using Internet Using online Booking website This is very easy and practical to book via internet from India. Moreover, you can find cheap hotels that are not available in local indian agencies. Online booking makes it easy to select your travel dates, location, quality, and room commodities. To have the best Value for Price, […]

Security Travel Tips

  India Security Travel Tips provided courtesy of Sai India Travel While traveling within India, you’ll find below usefull tips for safety and health. Get travel insurance, even if staying with family If you fall ill it can be extremely expensive to get the treatment you need (eg: an air ambulance can cost tens of thousands of pounds). Unless you […]

H1B Visa Status

What is H1B Visa Status? The H1B Visa Status is a status for USA visa that allow you to work in US for a temporary duration and in a specialist occupation. If a worker from India is in H1B Visa status leaves or resigns from the company where he has been sponsored, the worker has to apply again and granted either another […]

What is a student Visa ?

What is a student Visa, and what is the process for US, UK, Canada and others countries? Student Visa is a document that allow Indian national to study abroad, especially in one of the most wanted English speaking countries that are USA, UK, Canada and Australia. The government of these countries give a particular support to the students who are […]

Work Permit Extension

Canada Work Permit Extension Canada is a fascinating place according to each visitor, residents and the tourists. This is also true for India Nationals. A work permit allows you to work in Canada on temporarily basis. And thus, the most important thing to remember is, it is necessary to apply for extent work permit in Canada. It is mandatory for […]

What is a Tourist Visa?

What is Tourist Visa? Definition of what is a tourist visa Tourist via for Indian nationals is the administrative entry restrictions by the Indian government. The major requirements are the via must be valid, it must not be damaged; it must be authentic and agrees with the tourist visa traveling reason to abroad. There are many foreign nationals who visit […]

Visa application form for US

Visa application form for US Visa application form for US can be found here The first step of Visa application form for US is to fill in the online application form. DS-160 Visa Application form for US The above image is a sample of D-160 visa application form for us. The DS-160 is the online application is. Once the DS-160 […]

Canadian Visiting India

  India Visa for Canadian citizens India is a beautiful country offering a fascinating kaleidoscope of experiences for the traveller. Spicy and fragrant cuisine, bustling and chaotic cities, sandy palm-tree-lined beaches, lush and green countryside and elegant historic buildings – India offers all this and so much more. If you are a Canadian traveller and you are planning on visiting […]