Work Permit to KSA (Saudi Arabia)

How To Obtain A Work Permit As An Indian National To KSA (Saudi  Arabia)

The type of visa required by an Indian national to go to Saudi Arabia for securing work is known as a work permit visa. This is so required to allow him easy entry within Saudi Arabia and thus win bread for himself and his immediate family, living back in India. Following offers a step by step procedure of the process for securing a work permit for Saudi Arabia for an Indian national:

Gathering of all information

To obtain a work permit for Saudi Arabia, a valid passport with 6 months validity is required (from the date of actual travel). This includes two different forms as well as 2 photos taken on a white background. A detailed covering letter is a pre-requisite which lists down the designation of the person who is applying for the work permit, the nature of the business of the Indian company of which he has been an employee, his complete name and contact information of the invitee company. This covering letter must have the company seal affixed on it. Also the visa slip from Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry is required which states that it has the Business Visa on it. An experience certificate of the applicant and a return confirmed ticket is also applicable under this case.

Alternative Method

The Saudi Arabian company makes a visa request to the Saudi Arabian chambers of Commerce and an original invitation is issued by the chambers of Commerce which requests the embassy within India to issue a work visa. A recommendation letter is sought from the chambers of Commerce after which photocopy of the Highest Diploma or the Engineering degree is required. It is mandatory that the applicant does not send in any originals at this stage. A copy of company registration certificate of the Saudi Arabian company is also sent along with these documents. Further, it must be noted that the covering letter and the chambers letter must exactly detail the actual activity of the Indian company. In addition, for both the methods mentioned above, the highest educational degree/certificate of the passengers is a must in every situation and application that is filed. It must be noted here that the software professionals and technical individuals who are applying for a work permit to work within Saudi Arabia, the embassy always asks for a visa slip from the Saudi Arabian Foreign Ministry. This is according to the prescribed rules and should always be adhered to.

Fees Applicable

The fees applicable for securing a work permit to Saudi Arabiafor an Indian national is kept at Rs. 14,700/- while additional mofa charges are Rs. 1,500/- The handling charges are kept separate and are applicable.

Time Required

The time required for gaining a work permit is between 7 and 10 days.

Collection Days

The collection days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays each week.

Visa Section Rules

The visa section works between Mondays and Fridays, every week.

Contact Information

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