Thailand Visa

Thailand Visa for Indian Citizens

Indian citizens must apply for a Kingdom of Thailand Visa. They are required to provide the following documents:

Thailand Visa Documents

1) confirmed itinerary

2) Confirmed reservation for accommodation under applicant’s names.

If willing to stay with relatives or friends in Thailand, you must provide invitation letter along with copy of their ID/passport

In case the relative Thai, you have to provide the justification of their stay in Thailand. For example their work permit or a letter from company they are working with.

Finance Statement for Thailand Visa

3) you have to justify that you have enough money to live during your stay in Thailand, to have a Thailand Visa

For example you can provide your statement of account from the bank. the history should cover at least 6 months

You can also provide a copy of your credit cards if your name is printed on.

You will have to join a credit card statements from the last 6 months

You can bring an original currency exchange slip of $500 USD for each person who will travel and for each week of stay. With your name on

Your money should be enough to cover your stay and expenses.

Go HERE to fill and print in your online application form.

Where to apply for a Thailand Visa

If you are in north India you should go with your documents to the Thailand Visa Center in New Delhi.

Security Guard at entrance of the Thailand Visa Application Centre will give you a token, you have to show your Passport & visa application form. Then wait for your turn to submitt.

If your application file is uncomplete you will be asked to complete it, if it is accepted you will be given a receipt in order to collect your passport later on.

When paying the visa fee, you may pay additionnal money to receive your passport by email.

You can go HERE and enter your tracking code (receipt number) to see what is the status of your application.

When your passport is ready, take your receipt and ID to collect it at the visa Center.

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