Qatar Work Permit

How To Obtain a Qatar Work Permit

For Indian nationals who have chosen to travel to Qatar in order to work professionally, a work permit must be obtained.

The procedure for work permit in Qatar changed slightly. Your sponsor should get a work permit from the governement.

They should fill an online application form and submit it
Provide the necessary information related to your work in Qatar
Your ID, your passport number, and the ID of your employer
And the confirm the application
They can also pay the application online and print it and send it to you

Step 1: Finding Employment

  • In order to acquire a work visa, an expat must find a contractual job before they apply for a visa
  • Upon finding a suitable position, they must then coordinate with the employer to ensure the relevant documents and applications are filled up.
  • Sign a contract with the employer, to make sure that the large part of the responsibility of the work entry falls largely towards them.

Step 2: The Application Process & Submission

  • Once the terms of employment and the contract have been determined, the expat must coordinate with their employer so that the Ministry of the Interior can be contacted for the business entry visa.
  • As the nation of Qatar has a considerate foreign labor force, there are several organizations who are aware and equipped to deal with the visa application processes of foreign expats. There are several laws in place that make it easier for employers as well as new employees to deal with the application process. Make sure you take all the available help in the process and also that you fulfill every legal requirement.
  • Companies are required to coordinate with new employees about what documents are to be required for the visa entry process. Companies must thus fully analyze the work requirements and the documents that will help their foreign employee enjoy a peaceful contract.
  • Once the documents have been collected, the application must be submitted through the nearest Qatar Embassy in India and the applicant should wait for the approval from the embassy which generally takes four to eight weeks.
  • The approval is then uploaded on the Qatar Ministry of the Interior website, from which it can be printed off through the employees profile. This is an important document as it provides the employee border entry in Qatar.

Step 3: Applying For The Residence Permit
Once the work permit visa proceedings have been covered, the residence permit must be applied for. This can be a tedious task thus employees are instructed to be equipped with the right documents. The following documents are required for the residence permit:

  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • Medical check-up certification which must be obtained in Qatar.
  • Job contract copy
  • Copies of education and previous employment documents
  • Passport sized photos (15)

The medical check-up must be arranged by the sponsoring employer. After its completion, the relevant documents are collected and the employer files for the residence permit application for their soon-to-be employee. This is a process that takes between two to six weeks, during which time the expat must remain within the country.

How to check Qatar Work Permit visa status

Please read this video which shows how to check your Qatar Visa status in official Qatar Government Immigration authorities.

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