List of Documents for French Schengen Visa

Here is the list of documents required for a French visa (schengen visa issued by France Visa Center – VFS) All documents sould have a copy

  1. Your valid passport. It should have six months remaining and 2 blank pages (do not forget photocopy)
  2. The photocopy of Passport address page and photo page of the applicant.
  3. Photocopies of all schengen visa that are already on the passport
  4. Include also United Kingdom and US America visa if you have
  5. The application form
  6. Photographs
  7. For self employees covering letters or company letter with the header
  8. Confirmed hotel booking, or official sponsor letter or other document demonstrating your stay is taken in charge
  9. Your itinerary  delivered by the travel agency (for those going on tour)
  10. Copy of income tax papers of last one year, last three month bank statement & updated, last 3 months salary slips
  11. Insurance :
    1. you should photocopy your overseas medical insurance policy 
    2. should cover rapatriation, evacuation.
    3. You’ll find a mention on the insurance that it covers  30 000 euros.
    4.  Insurance should have the validity for at least 10-15days more after the return to India . Please carry your original insurance for verification at the time of submission of visa application form. 
  12. Copy of air ticket or PNR (booking printout).
  13. All applicants except first time traveler (traveling first time to a Schengen country) while applying for a French visa will be required to fill visa insurance undertaking form in addition to the visa application form.
  14. Young people who travel alone should have an authorization from their parents to travel. Please consult VFS website for more information about young people (minors) travelling alone. The file should contain the authorization which should be signed and a copy of the ID of the parents.
  15. Stundents under 18 should provide certificate of scholarship
  16. If you have a house keeper or other employee who will travel with you, this will require complexe procedure as she or he needs a contract which is compliant to french law, please check official websites or embassy website for more inforamtion.
  17. NOC for school, college or Employers is required as a mandatory document. NOC from spouse with a signature proof if any one of the couple is traveling for tourism purpose.
  18. For couples if the passport of the wife do not hold her husband name, they should have a certificate of marriage.
  19. Children below 18 should have birth certificate.

The documents must be arranged in the order given above.

The list of documents for french schengen visa comes from VFS France – India

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