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IVAC is the Indian Visa Application Center in Bangladesh. This agency is delegated by the Indian consulate to collect visa application in Bangladesh. The Indian High comission of Dhaka delegates IVAC visa application center in Bangladesh only to receive your application, do some administration work and deliver the passport, the IVAC has no decision to award the visa or not.

Here the link to high commission of Dhaka for any additional information.

So what is the Indian visa application process in Bangladesh ?

1. Fill your online application. You should select your visa application center according to your place of residency.

Caution : the below concerns national of Bangladesh only

  • Resident of Dhaka and Barisal Divisions should submit their visa application at IVAC in Gulshan  or Motijheel
  •  Resident of Sylhet Division should submit at IVAC center in the same place
  • Resident of Khulna Division at Khulna IVAC
  • Resident of Chittagong Division at the IVAC int the same division
  • Resident of Rajshahi must submit their application in Rajshahi

Here’s the address of Indian Visa Online application in Bangladesh

You’ll find a phrase asking you to note your application number (eg: “Please note down the Temporary Application ID:46172019BF4Q1XK.”). Write it down in a paper and in a word document or other computer file by copy/paste for further referene.

2. Print out your application form

3. Paste your photograph on the top corner in the appropriate place holder

4. Sign the box at the top right corner as well as at the last page of your indian visa application form

5. At the end of submitting your online application, you’ll be given an appointment date. If it is not the case, you’ll have to try later on but not to exceed five days. You will youse your application number saved previously, and date of birth to access your file. Once you have your appointment date, print again your visa application form.


What documents will I need the day of my appointment ? List of required documents for Indian Visa Application Bangladesh at IVAC

For a touristic visa :

  • Original passport with six months validity and with two blank pages for the visa
  • Copy of the passport, it is about the current and old passports, please copy all relevant pages (extensions, visas, main information, etc. we recommend to copy all stamped and all non empty pages)
  • One (2 recommeneded) recent photographs
  • A document demonstrating your residency place, service bills, administration residency certificate
  • Certificate of profession from the employer for workers
  • Certificate of scolarship for students
  • Endorsement of foreign currency equivalent to US$150
  • You may use also international credit card copy, statment of account from bank showing your financial ability for your stay and tarvel
  • Your online visa application form printed out holding the filenumber and appointment date

For Business Visa

Applicationfor a Indian Business Visa from Bangladesh should additionnaly have the following documents and information

1) Coordinates of the organization in Bangladesh (contact name, contact adress, organization adress, number of applications, etc.)

2) a sponsorship letter from the orgaization in India

3) Letter of Credit of last business transaction  or of business with Indian company (copy)

4) Chamber of Commerce in Bangladesh letter of recommandation

5) License of Trade copy


Visit the Indian Visa Application Center in Bangladesh

The final step is to go with your documents and application form to the specific IVAC center that is relevant to your region, and submit your application.

Indian Visa Application in Bangladesh can be a complexe process for specific scenarios. What is described above is the most common case, for more information please visit IVAC visa application center website, or leave a comment here below, we’ll try to address it.

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