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How To Obtain A Work Permit As An Indian National To Australia

How To Obtain A Work Permit As An Indian National To Australia

Australia is among the most popular destinations in the world for skilled professionals looking to start a new life and employment, as the country has a strong economy and has been actively encouraging migrants to be part of their foreign labor force.

STEP 1: Understand The Process

There are several different types of visas available for expats to choose from, which assess the applicants through a point based system. If an individual has the right skill set and qualifications, they can apply for industries listed as being in need or workers.

There are several work permit visas available as well, the most prominent being the Employee sponsored visa called the Subclass 457 work visa. This is a contract based temporary visa offered to those with an employment contract already awaiting them in Australia. Through the Subclass visa, employers can sponsor foreign employees to work for them for over 4 years, during which time their family members can also study/work in the country.

STEP 2: Application Process (Significant Points Explained)

  • Australia requires applicants to have a score of at least 6 in every component of the IELTS exam, thus Indian nationals wishing to migrate must first undertake their exam as the first thing.
  • Look for a suitable employment from the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) for which you will need to apply for an independent visa (
  • Upon finding an employer, accept or negotiate the terms of your employment with the employer, and ensure the company offering employment itself is eligible.
  • Collect relevant documentation and fulfill conditions of the 457 visa, and be eligible for any ensuing licenses that might be associated with your chosen designation in the future.

STEP 3: Employer Requirements

There are certain requirements that the employer must fulfill in order to ensure eligibility while the employee must keep a track of them as well.

  • An employer must apply to become a sponsor, so they can successfully recruit overseas workers
  • They must nominate the designations they want to fill and the suited employees they want to hire for them
  • They must then coordinate with the employee as well as the immigration department for their monitoring requirements

STEP 4: Submitting The Application

  • Apply for the 457 visa given that you have the relevant skills, qualifications and experience for the designation.
  • For Employee sponsored visa, apply for it from your country by filling out an online-form by following the link ahead:
  • When demanded, the applicant must provide certain health certificates and insurance documents before approval for visa can be received.

Once an individual enters Australia through their Subclass visa, they are allowed to enter or leave the country on their own terms while within the time frame of their visa. As this visa is among one of the most popular ones for overseas workers, its regulations are updated on a timely basis. Further information about the 457 Subclass visa can be obtained from the following links: ;

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