Work Permit Extension

Canada Work Permit Extension

Canada is a fascinating place according to each visitor, residents and the tourists. This is also true for India Nationals. A work permit allows you to work in Canada on temporarily basis. And thus, the most important thing to remember is, it is necessary to apply for extent work permit in Canada. It is mandatory for each applicant to qualify all the required process successfully for the renewal of work permit extension no matter whether all the steps were initially passed or not.

If you have make your mind to stay in Canada, if your job is extended, changed or you got the other better opportunity inside Canada, you want to live and work on permanent basis or want to leave and re-enter, you need to extent your work permit but make sure that the Canadian work permit extension can’t exceed more than four years.

Applying for a Work Permit Extension

Initiates the work permit extension application:

If you are a temporary foreign worker in Canada, you need to extent the work permit according to the Canadian Immigration.

The work permit extension allows you to live and work in Canada for a longer duration. If you wish to extent your work permit, you need to submit the application minimum 30 days before the current work permit expires along with a valid passport for the entire duration.

2. You will receive an e-mail:

As the employer accepts the employment offer, you will receive an information email regarding how to apply for a work permit. The employer needs his/her own as well as her family work permit, therefore, the employee must agree the terms of employment given by the employer.

3. Submit the required Documents:

If you have a Canadian Work permit for four years and need to apply for a permit residence permit, send your application along with the earning statement and deductions as per the Canadian Tax Agency for the duration that you worked and the payslip for the current year. You must clearly mention the employment state for which you have worked.

4. Pay and Submit:

To pay the fee, you can use Visa or MasterCard. As you have paid the fee now submit the application. If your form is submitted successfully, you and your employer will receive a confirmation e-mail and in case if some more information is required, the Migration Board will contact you directly.

5. The Migration Board Process:

Once you submitted the work permit extension form to stay entitled working in Canada, make sure to submit the application from before the existing expires. The Migration Board prioritizes the applicants who filled all the required information along with the required documents. While in some cases, the Migration Board takes some more time to further examine your application even when all the valid documents and information has been given.

6. Required Details for Residence Permit:

If you will receive a work permit extension then you will receive the residence permit extension too. The card you will receive consist of a fingerprint and your photograph which is a valid proof that you are granted permission by the Canada to reside. You need to book an appointment with the Migration Board to do this even if you hold the valid residence permit card.

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