What is a student Visa ?

What is a student Visa, and what is the process for US, UK, Canada and others countries?

Student Visa is a document that allow Indian national to study abroad, especially in one of the most wanted English speaking countries that are USA, UK, Canada and Australia.

The government of these countries give a particular support to the students who are eligible for to study in their universities.

Student visa is non-immigrant which means student cannot be a permanent resident of that foreign country. F-1 is the visa category for the academic students. If a student is searching for a higher education in another country, so he should apply and obtain student visa because it is the best opportunity for students to study abroad.

Student visa allows you to study only

Student Visa General policies

In U.S, student visa is allotted only to those students who are full time enrolled for any degree or some particular courses at any institute in U.S and this student visa is valid there till the duration student remain or carries certificate or degree of his course.

Students are facilitated with one more opportunity that they can exchange visitor visa to student category but this is only for the students who are having scholarships, grants and sources except family funds at a U.S. institution. If the student has completed his course and he is engaged in academic training employment and his field is related to his study than his visa can be extended.

Undergraduate students must have to register for 12 semester hours and the general course load is 4 courses per semester so the student can register for them and he is also having an opportunity to register fewer but it needs a special permission in advance & the students who are graduate but have not completed all their coursework they can register for the numbers of hours but that depends on the Director of your department that what he will consider.

If he considers full course load for the students than the hours will be as per the course load. If a student is employed during his studies than his employment will be considered as a part of his program of study and it will be counted in some cases.

Student visa in different countries

US Student visa

According to the US student visa policy, F-1 visas are for the full-time students, F-2 visa are for spouse and children and F-3 visa are for those who reside in their country origin while attending school in the US.

UK Student Visa

If you intend to travel UK for studies, enroll a course which lasts 6 months or more to get the Tier 4 (General) student visa category. If the course is less than 6 months then you can apply as a UK student visitor.

Australia Student Visa

The apply for student visa for Australia, you need to apply according to the requirements of 157A. Submit the 157A form in order to proceed for the Australian student visa.

Still Wondering what is a student visa ? here is a more detail example

Canada Student Visa

To apply for as an student visa applicant for Canada for the first time requires (F,M,J) visas and need to complete the online application form of the code DS-160. Kindly note that after completing DS-160 application, you are eligible to submit the required documents along with the in-person interview.

Steps to apply for Canada Student Visa

Visit the official consultant website to determine if your purpose for traveling to abroad will require a visa.

Register and apply for the correct application correspondent to your purpose for traveling study abroad.

Pay for your visa application when you submit the application form.

Make an appointment to submit through your biometric information that your visa application has been received.

Arrive at your biometrics appointment on time, prepared and dressed appropriately.

Post a copy of your visa application along with the required documents for the confirmation of your submitted bio-metrics, passport and any required supporting documents at your country’s closest British consulate.

Conclusion for What is a student Visa Article

Some countries raise the issue on student visa to grant the permission to the student to attend schools abroad. But if the student is enrolled at higher learning institutions than it’s fine. There are some advantages too in student visa that if student wants to work in cafeteria of his academic institution so there is no restriction on it and he can also do similar works like this.

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