Temporary Work Permit Visa to Nigeria (TWP)


Indian National who wish to travel to Nigeria for a temporary work have to submit for a Temporary Work Permit visa also known as TWP.

Who should apply for a TWP ?

Experts employes who are requested by a company in Nigeria, because they have very specific skills, like support, maintenance, and specific intervention on equipments can apply for TWP.

What are the requirements for Nigerian TWP ?

  • Your return flight should be booked and confirmed, you should provide a copy of your ticket
  • The Immigration Responsibility is a document provided by the company which invites you. It should be approved by the Nigerian Authorities.
  • The Comptroller General of Immigration in the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters, Abuja is the one who approves your Immigration Responsibility.
  • The Immigration Responsibility (IR) is a document which should include details like
    • Transport
    • Accomodation (you can book a hotel in Lagos, Abuja or other places using Booking.com website)
    • Feeding

Your company should be aware how to issue this document.

What else should I know about Nigeria TWP ?

Visa fees for TWP for Indian Nationals are 253 USD

You would pay your visa fees online, here is the link to enter the payment.Select India in the select box, and click on start application.


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