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India Security Travel Tips provided courtesy of Sai India Travel

While traveling within India, you’ll find below usefull tips for safety and health.

Get travel insurance, even if staying with family

If you fall ill it can be extremely expensive to get the treatment you need (eg: an air ambulance can cost tens of thousands of pounds). Unless you have good travel insurance you will have to pay these costs from your own pocket.


Take care of your health

There are some endemic diseases in India (for example malaria, dengue and chikungunya). Seek medical advice at least six weeks before travelling and ensure all relevant vaccines are up to date. When in India take care over what and where you eat and drink. Drink or use only boiled or bottled water and avoid ice in drinks. If you get ill, don’t leave it to chance, get medical advice immediately.


Make copies of your passport, including your visa pages

Leave one copy with family at home and carry another with you (but separate from your passport). You can also use a secure online data storage site to record your information electronically. If your passport is lost or stolen we want to help you replace it – but without these copies the process may take longer to complete.


Take care when travelling by road in India

Car and bike accidents are one of the biggest causes of injury and death overseas. Special care should be taken while travelling at night. If possible it is best to avoid it altogether. Always look to travel in a well-maintained vehicle with seatbelts. If you travel by bike be sure to wear a helmet and closed shoes. Make sure your travel insurance will cover you for everything you want to do whilst abroad.


Take care if you are a woman travelling alone

Over the past years our Consular staff have handled cases where British nationals have been victims of serious sexual offences. Female travellers should take basic personal safety precautions. Walking alone in isolated spots, even in popular tourist areas and particularly after dark should be avoided.


Avoid any areas we advise against

There are some areas of India we advise against travelling to. Check the FCO Travel Advice for the latest information and then please avoid them – we advise against them because there are serious threats to your safety. Travel to them could also invalidate your insurance and seriously limit the level of consular assistance we can provide


Avoid drugs

You should not become involved with drugs of any kind. Penalties for possession of narcotic substances can be severe. In addition pre-trial detention can also last several years.


Take care if swimming

Over the past years several British nationals drowned in India. Strong undercurrents are a particular hazard. Most of India’s beaches do not have warning signs, flags or life-saving equipment.


Support we can provide

Need assistance whilst in India please contact us:


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