Booking a Hotel abroad from India


Booking a Hotel abroad from India using Internet

Using online Booking website

This is very easy and practical to book via internet from India. Moreover, you can find cheap hotels that are not available in local indian agencies.

Online booking makes it easy to select your travel dates, location, quality, and room commodities.

To have the best Value for Price, please visit

Easy steps to Book online

  1. In the search Box below
  2. Select your trip dates
  3. Select the number of rooms
  4. Enter the city name

Then Click on Submit, you will be direct to the result page

The results that are displayed are ordered by Booking website préférences

To find the Best value for Money hotel and book it from India follow the tips below.

Online Booking tips To find the best value for Money hotel from India

  • Start your search early in advance to find the best rooms
  • In the result page, Sort the results by “Review Score”. This is a rating done by people who booked in the hotel
  • Of course the top hotels will be somehow expensive.
  • Now look at the prices ans scroll the hotels, and next pages till you find a suitable price
  • This way you can find the best hotel within your budget
  • Alternatively, you can sort by price to find just the cheapest hotel
  • Use as They have the largest number of hotels database They negociate low prices with hotels because they are the reference.
  • If you can change your departure days a few days later or earlier, then modify your search criteria to be flexible
  • Don’t look to price only, check the location, is it far from your destination or not because you may loose your money in transport
  • If your travel is guaranteed, then take the cheapest prepaid offers. Prepaid offers are not refundable but they are very low.

Online booking allows you to find the best hotels without leaving india. If you consider a travel agency, you may pay up to 100% more expensive.

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